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    Automotive and Transportation

    Solutions That Move You

    Leading the way in safety, performance, reliability and lightweighting

    As the automotive and transportation industries continue to evolve, our technologies help the world move forward. With a broad portfolio of materials and decades of automotive expertise, we can help you boost fuel economy, reduce emissions, enable lightweighting, improve comfort, and increase safety. Put our growing portfolio of solutions to work for you.???


    • Airbag covers for improved low-temperature ductility and increased safety?
    • Sealing systems for better vehicle interior air quality?
    • Moldings and panels with better stiffness and toughness for increased protection and aesthetics
    • A wide array of polyurethane solutions used to increase and optimize comfort, acoustics, noise, vibration and harshness, while minimizing VOCs and odor


    • Lighting seals for better visibility, durability and safety?
    • Bumper fascia, rocker panels and side moldings with optimized stiffness, toughness and flow balance for excellent impact strength, superior paintability and thinwalling?
    • Weather-stripping materials for better waterproofing, appearance and lightweighting??

    Powertrain and under hood

    • Silicone materials for wiring, harness and connector seals that provide excellent chemical and mechanical properties for durability and reliability?
    • Polyurethane solutions for hoodliners, engine cover, encapsulation and water boxes that provide superior protection?
    • EPDM solutions for different hoses, power transmission belts, tubing and pipes that have excellent heat and chemical resistance?
    • Performance additives for lowering friction and enhancing durability????

    Chassis and body

    • Silicone rubber materials for engine mounts, oil pan and sealing components, and exhaust hangers that have unmatched chemical and mechanical properties?
    • Polyurethane foams to help manage noise, vibration and harshness while providing increased structural support and sealing the cabin against road and engine noise and dust??

    Electronics and e-mobility??

    • Silicone adhesives, conformal coatings and encapsulants, foams, and thermal management solutions have already demonstrated decades of proven performance for components under the hood of the car such as controllers and sensors?
    • Innovative technologies in thermally conductive materials and gap fillers, foams, gels in battery packs, battery management systems, inverters, converters, battery controllers, onboard chargers, compressors and heaters